Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Determine the conclusion of what will be in time to come, attainment of wealth and material well-being the physical or logical consequent of your life by acquiring knowledge or your own natural ability the means of making your way socially and financially.

Striving for competence peculiar to and used in a specialized field of knowledge or in your own family business develop capabilities by instruction, train by working at a profession, or put into use a specific trade acquiring skill by practice and experience by example, working with the hands or by developing special talents raise to a higher or more desirable quality, value, and condition everyday life through effort.

Accomplish that which is understood in the imagination an idea or mental image not detailed or precise and falling short of positive knowledge not clearly recognized, uninformed or inexperienced ability or aptitude for achievement or effectiveness.

Acquiring knowledge gives birth by natural process to mental understanding broadening ideas tending toward a better mode or style of living not far advanced, recently observed, and lacking clarity.

A personal leaning, the choosing of one thing over others, a special fondness and aptitude for an activity toward which you are inclined, or a firm belief held with confidence in your own abilities is the basis of a system essential to and supporting life, not to be ignored, favoring success, and governed by actual use and experience. By a series of continuous actions, trained by experience applicable to use and manifested in practice, a vague idea or lofty aim existing only as a concept of the mind becomes a future probability, the chance of future success, and your purpose in life.

The thing itself, a natural product by mental effort, is the activities by which you earn your livelihood, a business or a single piece of work done for a set fee, written works exhibiting creative imagination and artistic skill, a musical composition, painting, fashioning figures of wood, clay, plastics, metal, or stone, drawing, a specific trade or technique working with the hands calling for manual skill, one who buys and sells commodities for profit, keeps or runs a retail store or shop, or the exchange of materials or products on a large scale between states or nations buying and selling. Ordinary persons following a call to and fitness for a certain career, an occupation that properly involves a liberal, scientific, or artistic education, or in any of the various operations or details of trade or industry.

Any project, undertaking, or task having financial gain as an object pursue as a business pledging yourself to produce anything with exchangeable value, whatever is obtained as a result of work as by successive steps, gradual increase, physical or mental work done for hire, a regular course of instruction, or technical ability, continue firmly despite opposition making an earnest effort in spite of difficulties, and bearing up under hardships tolerating without yielding accomplish what is attempted or intended, be successful.

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