Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


My Children, as an incentive for choosing the way of life I expose to the sight, make visible, and put on view publicly to serve as a ground for knowing with certainty your Father’s intentions as to the transfer by gift of my kingdom upon the earth, the Kingdom Family Treasure House Flow Chart.

A process and organization showing a sequence of operations, steps in active development, proportionate or proper share, conditions or connections that bring any human being in touch with a number of individuals systematically united for transacting business.

A settlement house for adjusting matters of business and work done for hire by one authorized to act for the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., persons having administrative control in Restoration, Recovery, Administration, and Arts & Sciences. A permanent practice being always the same in form to apply in action serving to uphold and corroborate the will of God affecting any human being’s condition in life by providing conditions favoring success.

Kingdom Family Treasure House Inc., go forward showing a readiness to do work on behalf of the whole human species, writing in favor of the pursuit of purpose, recommending, causing, and promoting change in education, and making the various operations popular and successful.

In South Fork, Colorado perform the operations and control the working of interrelated organizations and operating principles managing and conducting the affairs of all sovereign territory. Begin to take action successfully pursuing the well being of others socially and financially, carry out fully the family business, set in operation a school of business, delegate authority to persons named or selected, and establish employment, buildings, and equipment for the various operations and the South Fork Branch Office.

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