Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


My Children to you I present as a gift a full measure of my love, to all without asking anything in return a final decision by your Father to treat my children with thoughtful and kindly feelings and to look upon and observe closely and attentively demanding and asserting firmly and forcefully the well-being naturally belonging to a child of either sex in all stages of life as members of my family. The human body I give all power and privilege granted as the name of Peace, dominion with authority to act, free, authorized, and permitted to use again.

A state of health produce by your own mind and thought, the first form meant for the body and apparent to the senses restore as in earlier times before disobedience, evidence that everything is ordered for the best keeping supplied with whatever sustains and increases, the love of God discovered and recovered.

Doctrine of Peace direct and control the various operations, anything done or to be done guiding the sovereign state over which the light of day exercises jurisdiction and human beings living in the United States of America under the Kingdom Family System of Government speaking the language of Peace.

The Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., discharge as a duty a system of community life, all things taken into account in which the will of God is proved to be accurate and without error established as a truth by material things relating to the human body and the material universe.

Final and authoritative confirmation and ratification unlimited authority and absolute power covering any portion of the earth’s surface included within a sovereign territory under the dominion of Almighty God your Father and differentiated from others by 24 hours of daylight proceeding from a red sky glowing with light, very bright, from six O’clock early evening until six O’clock early morning.

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