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Doctrine of Peace


Give all needful and desirable filling an office an accumulating store reserving for distribution furnish means of subsistence social status naturally belonging to Harold L. Chapman, the Prince of Peace, the Son of God. The necessaries of life furnishing the tools, equipment, and whatever is needed for any purpose or undertaking putting in place carefully and exactly.

The present period a point in time marking the beginning of a new physical style of living an interval of time memorable for extraordinary events, important influences, unusual circumstances conducive to ease and comfort. Affect the financial condition in life grant all request and build up confidence bringing into connection the human body and material things.

Be seen, understood and known, remove the covering revealing all hidden from view and knowledge. Perceivable by the eye and seen readily by the mind, worthy of notice easily recognized and clearly perceptible expose to view, remove the veil and reveal the Prince of Peace serving as evidence acquainting face to face visibly.

Bear witness of a man of influence, importance, consequence, holding in position, bearing, sustaining, and keeping the Son of God the mind from failing or declining. Strengthen and support confirming together a report sent monthly providing Harold L. Chapman a corporate body with maintenance.

Become aware of one's own life internally known mental existence, a spiritual state continuation and perfection, eternal life, a living being looking steadily and intently gazing fixedly, gain knowledge and awareness of by means of one's vision.

Come to understand the mind supplying in thought disclosing information and come upon for the first time detecting the identity and the true nature with certainty, meet each other an unusual and unexpected event, make the acquaintance and come together.

A human being seeing and knowing God is therefore competent to give evidence, relate to one who looks at, and give testimony looking upon serving as evidence or proof. Having knowledge of everlasting life describe in writing communicate by letter a solemn declaration of truth, Peace and Love testifying to the genuineness.

Continue to live and be withstanding decay and wear, continuing in the same form of being without change. A period of producing and continuing performance in a proper function, a healthful state remaining in a grand and ceremonious style throughout existence without end, endless duration.

An immeasurable extent of time enduring forever having no end, without interruption, and never ceasing. The continuance of life longer than death without transferring to another form and not subject to alteration. Steady in purpose, action, and affection the fulfillment of promise, a family valid and true beyond all time.

Peace and Love

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