Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Take upon oneself agreement, harmony, and concord come into and enter upon an office excellent, worthy, and honorable without limitation of person or number in harmony, of one mind. Agree and approve in opinion and action any word or expression conveying some conception or thought, mutual relations worthy of acceptance corresponding in person granting as a right to operate a business on certain premises.

Make an effort and cause to be fulfilled or accomplished the form of existence that distinguishes life from death, a living person continuing to be effective and useful, producing, fulfilling, completing, accomplishing, work at, work out, solving, translating and presenting, enact the part and cover.

Begin, the Supreme Being proceeding and doing, the beginning of existence parenthood. Set in motion and circulation a formal agreement between two that is binding, promise solemnly help, aid, and support offering one's word and life as a guaranty. A pledge and formal promise that the word of the Son of God will meet stated specifications and that a specified act will be performed and continued, being responsible for the contract, debt, and duty giving security making a guaranty, an assurance that the word will perform a specified act.

Take into the hand of the Son of God possession of all power and authority sending out in all directions, filling with enthusiasm, and supplying guidance. One individual a distinct personality being of the same color throughout, go, begin and carry on issuing life, and change residence living and carrying on life in the garden of South Fork, Colorado.

Be all that is needed means for comfortable living carry out a written statement of truth demonstrating by performing as expected and required carrying through to completion the proper function. Begin any project, undertaking, or task of major importance, financial obligations an assurance given by the Father as security indicating power and liberty, power in general.

The right to act and make a decision, power sent with authority giving over for performance, conferring special knowledge, enabling and permitting, committing to the charge of Harold L. Chapman a document giving receipt and payment of money to support and maintain serving to justify the enactment of rewards.

Peace and Love.

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