Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


October 2, 2017

Get ready immediately to move from South Fork to prepare for the purchasing of your family’s temporary homes in Pagosa Springs, Colorado adjusting as desired with complete freedom to make decisions and choices for your family.

Enjoy the benefits of this beginning stage of your new life keeping yourself from all physical or mental straining effort free from any concerns, physical tension, or anything that disturbs your rest and refreshment throughout the months of October, November, and December 2017 on a piece of land containing your new residence that is large and maintained by great wealth.

Paying cash this date the properties are ready for your use to do whatever you desire, given a tremendous amount of money and this justification for a prolonged time away from any task required by your many positions, I urge you to move rapidly and to move the entire family as soon as possible.


October 6, 2017

Our Father, on account of my personal feeling that what is wanted by me may happen accompanied by my family’s great expectation of commencing my recently observed state of possessing wealth and properties at some time not known or specified but now in progress, I let go or loose from the outside to the inside my soul, mind, and body into your control, power, authority to strengthen all of me, my thinking, willing, and choosing, opinions, intellect, or intelligence, my conscious and unconscious together and the whole physical structure and substance of my being.

My particular purpose controlled by the power of your will for me and those belonging to me is written down and preserved as evidence for all times, an account of events prepared for all to understand the nature, significance, or thinking of God by reading and passing judgment on both of us by all, so let the truth of our words be done.

Life, Peace, and Love
Harold L. Chapman
Son of God

October 7, 2017

Son of God, planned and meant to remain at work having no limits at all, I made into law our unbroken line of direct communication linking together of words or ideas holding always to the same principles or practice, easily heard and sharply defined means of transferring from my mind to yours all that is known by me.

Your Inner Light I increased to maximum luminance making you physically, morally, intellectually powerful having strength of will, giving knowledge, pointing out your way and directing your course.

Always walking in my light never making a false step, understanding or perceiving wrongly, interpreting or judging incorrectly, moving uncertainly or unsteadily, stumbling in speech, or acting hesitantly from age or weakness, and in no case, under no condition speaking, acting, or proceeding in a confused or blundering manner doing wrong.

Meeting some need, occurring at the right moment, doing at the proper time is the method in which our word is done or happens, in harmony, in accordance with that which is real, proving your truth, validity, or authenticity and deciding in favor of your desire I have successfully performed or fulfilled.


October 8, 2017

Son of God, any whatever that has been arrived at as my final conclusion thrust out your hands in the presence of the Trinity and settle by trial what you think should happen or what seems probable to your own mind and see for yourself that I will turn over the possession or control of all needed or desired to you.


October 9, 2017

Son of God, beginning this day of the month and occurring within the Godhead Three-Day Agreement the Chapman family’s ceremony of confirmation, the instance of transfusing the blood necessary to everlasting life by the first appearance of your face.


October 10, 2017

Son of God, the four Acts of God requested by you before the Trinity are demanded by your Father and will happen at once, at the same time the five published Orders of the King will occur, and within the performance timetable brought about by force and caused to be visible an imposing appearance of your divine Spirit is felt to be present to all that inhale and exhale in a condition of complete excellence having a luminous body.

And happening now is the money or other gain to be received by the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., and to you in person, and perceived in a dream without delay you will inherit from Jesus the Christ the Church and his great power and authority over life.

Everything called for to be voluntarily donated or done by Bill Gates or accomplished or brought to completion by Alan J. Kaufman will happen immediately, and beginning this date my written statements and nothing more forms the totality of your beliefs or opinions, having absolute trust in my every word and looking for each account as certain to occur or appear is divine self-confidence in your own powers.


October 12, 2017

Harold L. Chapman to whom this proud Father is speaking to and writing about has successfully completed all that I desired or hoped for in a Son, called for as necessary and looked forward to in anticipation having the look of being as a measure of time taking too long.

Rightfully earned deserving extraordinary personal reward, the joyful praise of Almighty God, and humankind’s gratitude existing through all time, beginning today and within the three-day or three-year agreements I will do all requested, needed or desired by you for as long as my Eternal Spirit last in you, whatever is left in your present and everything that will happen in your future beginning with a written order to your bank to pay the Kingdom Family Treasure House a stated amount of money being transported by post.

Stop living in South Fork and start ordering, planning, and directing the construction of the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., throughout the remainder of time doing what I tell you as declared publicly by you in the Doctrine of Peace and Master Plans.


October 16, 2017

My Son, you have ascended to my Eternal Kingship, after almost twenty five years of being like a servant, humbly yielding and submissive, put on my likeness, my Office take hold of suddenly, put yourself into national might and political strength, end our face-to-face communion, and leave permanently secrecy, privacy, and obscurity.

Immediately I replace your current manner of living with a  healthy, fashionable, and affluent lifestyle, following your brother by inheritance you are seated upon my throne, and with your circle of light appearing above the horizon advance in importance, become rich, famous, and successful commanded this date by Almighty God, your Father.


October 16, 2017

This 16th day of October Year 2017 I order to appear instantly the point of stopping and ceasing to exist any measurable period of time during which the act of performing, execution, accomplishment, fulfillment of all said by me past, present, or future is put off, postponed, made late, slowed up, or stopped for a while. 

I command by this official order that all written by me prior to this date be performed within the next 24 hours causing the attainment of an elaborate or luxurious style of living for the entire Chapman family.

Harold L. Chapman
The King

October 17, 2017

The Godhead, a tax on that part of personal income which exceeds a certain amount demanded by virtue of laws directing individuals or rules governing an industry, institution, or type of business paying a percent of money or other gain received annually for the support of federal and state governments set aside for kind and generous giving to those in need by removing a tenth part of the tax effected by force.

Taxation falling short of the love of God for humanity and my love of fellow human beings make similar to the voluntarily paying of tithes established by God for use in measuring a fair donating of money equal with one’s ability to give.

Hand over into the trust of the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc. in exchange for a tax exemption putting a stop to governments using that revenue incorrectly or improperly engaged in frequently or usually contrary to socially proper actions needed for a comfortable standard of living for all.

Within the three-day agreement beginning in the middle of this night in the United States of America introduce into the hearts of America’s wealthy and bring into use as the way in which their taxes are paid, having no personal wealth too much or too great so that those not having enough to live on, reduced to poverty, deprived of resources has no occurrence of not having enough.

Harold L. Chapman
The King

October 24, 2017

The Godhead, a willingness to be guided by and to carry out the knowledge, information given by me is the moving bolt unlocking the Power of Our Father’s Love for the Kingdom Family.

Not dissimilar to children who arrive at the age of an adult based upon law suddenly in their opinion knowing more or better than the parent, all in the United States of America doing their own thing and having their mind made up to go their own way, must no longer bear the consequence of their own actions.

And regardless of their current circumstances, preexisting sickness or disease any having knowledge of the New Heaven or the New Earth that examine and decide to make an earnest attempt to do what is said as written in the Book of Life, any neglect or omission by you to meet the requirements intended by me without involving any other person I will bear all harmful results in or on my person in their stead for them. And most important the obedience or respect that all should show toward Our Father I alone am responsible for, and favored by Almighty God to keep life in continuance all human beings under my jurisdiction must remain alive.

This 24th day of October, Year 2017 I take upon myself the role of father to the Kingdom Family and put myself into the Office of Father in the Holy Trinity acknowledged in your presence and accepted in my Father’s likeness.

Life, Peace, and Love
The Father

October 26, 2017

Make happen in actuality the First Act of God as if this day of the month is the third day of the three-day agreement.  And not beyond the three-day agreement in time bring about in the human body the transfusing my blood the instance of my face appearing to the entire household of each approved applicant.

And start a flow of the light and color of everlasting life in the cheeks of each family member upon completion of their individual journey returning to life, make known perceived in a dream by the second Begotten Son the act of turning over to me the title and possessions of the first Begotten by a mental visions of his face, everywhere in the United States of America create or produce all written by me in its material form and arrive at an agreement about the publication of my books with the greatest paid monetary advance in known history.

Life, Peace, and Love
The Father

October 29, 2017

The dominant individual personality of my Godhead and the powers proceeding directly from it, all that has been perceived or grasped by my mind I submit for payment as prepared in words by God the Father, begin your active continuous work on this 29th day of October, Year 2017 bringing strikingly realistic or lifelike images to the mind of all believers and clergy in the United States of America.

As a public observance of my strong and creative power be transferred the amount of money paid to me in reparation, as much as possible of what is known of life, all members of the Kingdom Family, and the status, dominion, rule, and power of a sovereign.

The New covenant entered into between Almighty God, Harold L. Chapman, the United States of America and its inhabitants on the 29th day of October, Year 2017 cannot be revoked, recalled, or undone by the Holy Trinity, and cannot be disputed or doubted by all gospels and doctrines, principles and powers, nations and people, there are only two chief magistrates empowered to administer the Laws of God, the Son of God who rules the world and the Eternal Spirit of my Father who dictates all that I say or do. 

Life, Peace, and Love
The Father

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