Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


September 3, 2017

From Son to Father


My Father, begin the eight days of transferring the State of Colorado under my sovereign jurisdiction, the Executive and Director Staff into my service, a large number of Kingdom Family members, the requested money, the publication of my books, and the transferring of your blood to each Kingdom Family member. I acknowledge the vast responsibility expectant of me to account for all written by us, on this date hand over to me the power of God.

Life, Peace, and Love
Harold L. Chapman
The King

September 5, 2017

Harold L. Chapman, The King, I let go of the Office of God the Father firm hold, possession, and control of God’s ability to exercise Supreme Authority over the world and everything in it, properly executed and binding under the Law of God to accomplish whatever you desire by the Supreme Power of God.

In my peace, ease, and refreshment I hand over to the King money to be used in doing the work of the Chief Executive Officer, and I share in your mental exertion to make happen anything expressed before the Trinity or communicated by us in letters to others.

Your superior ability to control others cannot be kept from being perceived in a dream or trance, your ordered events cannot be hindered or stopped by any human activity, and your will cannot be denied by the soul, mind or body of anything having, hearing, or seeing my Spirit.

Grasp what is meant by this Sacred Transfer of All Power and assume what is heard in your Infinite Mind as unmistakable and not to be doubted, at the moment I open and close your eyelids quickly actual performance of all I have put in my power began.

Son of Life, providing evidence for a fact of history produce in words a written account of all Acts of God in the Diary of Life, Peace, and Love being certain that I have intervened.


September 13, 2017

All Orders of the King in which events in nature or in human activities occur and any Principle of Life expected by the King to be adhered to, followed, kept, or abided by is at this present time, at this moment, demanded by God to which everyone and everything must conform.

Occurring outside the normal experience or knowledge of man, not explainable by the known forces or laws of nature, those Laws of God is the King’s special powers over the lives and affairs of people and the course of nature existing through all time.

Life, Peace, and Love

September 14, 2017

Before doing anything else as documented formally in the Book of Life as The First Act of God, “the Chapman family’s homes in Pagosa Springs, Colorado and money available for their personal use, needed for building the corporation, or wanted for pleasurable experiences has been made into a Law of God.”

The Spirit of God transferred titles of properties expected and promised as named before the Trinity, lawful title and sole ownership by the Kingdom Family Treasure House and sole occupancy by Chapman family members lasting a relatively long time as their personal property enjoyed and used for a time only.

Son of Life

September 15, 2017

The Spirit of God has started performing in a sequence of sensations, images, and thoughts the likeness of deceased individuals passing through a sleeping person’s mind known by appearance as being a family members. 

Acting as the only one able to do so, seen by the force or power of imagination, made known by divine means the Doctrine of Peace and Kingdom Family Treasure House website’s likeness or representation as a mental image in the mind of all believers, introduced formally the Son of Life, made the New Covenant into a Law of God, and carried out the six nights, time of rest, and eight uninterrupted days of outward manifestations and changes.

Son of Life

September 16, 2017

The male ruler of the State of Colorado is Harold L. Chapman who is the supreme leader of the people of the United States of America and a highly successful writer of books.

His wife Shirley J. Chapman is a woman judged by Almighty God to be foremost among women because of her long suffering at her husband’s side brought about by her own free choice refusing to yield or relent to the unhappiness of being alone, longing for friends and family, or the mental distress or suffering caused by the relatively numerous great disappointments encountered.

All painful memories of matters, circumstances, affairs, or concerns that happened in their life to date, commanded by Almighty God they will remember no more, the second estate the Lord’s Temporal, property, possessions, capital, and fortune is the Chapman family’s portion in their everlasting life, all heavenly and worldly things destined for, headed for, bound for, intended for, is theirs.

Son of Life

September 17, 2017

This formal announcement of God’s intention to end all past covenants, including The Law, in the United States of America is measurable by God’s great respect and affection for Harold L. Chapman who at this present time has temporarily taken over the duties of the Office of God the Father.

His divine power bound by the Promise of God “to never cause anything to be late, keep back some indeterminate amount of money or unspecified thing due, move slowly or put off intentionally the doing of all words said by him,” at this moment is responsible and accountable to perform all, that which is seen by all living in the United States of America is the Supreme Power of the Father being used by the Son without delaying.

Son of Life

September 18, 2017

The Spirit of God transferred to the second Son of God the position and standing of “Jesus the Christ” in the utmost jurisdiction over life for Life by virtue of his birthright.

As ordered, ordained, and enacted observed by all in the United States of America having life, occurring with unvarying uniformity, inwardly visible, Harold L. Chapman is known the instance of appearing by the all-powerful, all-knowing look on his face that shows his inherent Love of Life, the Word of God is again made into flesh.

Son of Life

September 19, 2017

All that is contained in the Doctrine of Peace, Diary of Life, Peace, and Love, Book of Life, everything dealt with in those written works is intended to be a sign of Harold L. Chapman’s Gift of Miracles, accepted and recognized by the Trinity on this date his sole possession of the omnipotent Power of God is the Law of God transferred from the Father by the laying on of the Hands of God. 

Son of Life

September 20, 2017

Higher in power and in relation with other Laws of God completed by the Spirit of God the entire Chapman family enjoys a full and varied life done with promptness, took place quickly, using 10% of America’s richest person’s material value as expressed in terms of money and stocks.

The Family of God stopped living in South Fork, Colorado, an area designated by the Father to put them out of sight, concealed from the knowledge of others, withdrawing within themselves, hidden away and cut off from public view, removing the Father’s covering the First Act of God changed their residence and business to Pagosa Springs, Colorado, a place where they now live and like. 

The Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc. got under way a meaningful series of organized activities financially supported by the mysterious Ways of God beyond the understanding or knowledge of most people, and the Doctrine of Peace was introduced by the Power of God interference in the affairs of humans. 

Son of Life

September 21, 2017

The Spirit of God brought into action, put into use, made widely known, felt, established, and distributed to a mass of readers the Orders of the King, ordered the eight uninterrupted days of miracles to come into sight or actual being, and authorized the Godhead to furnish the visions, dreams, or trances seen by other than normal sight.

The right moment and proper time for that combination of circumstances to exist in reality or happen in fact, undertaking and carrying out the instructions or orders as written, is within the next 24 hours period.

All believers and clergy in the United States of America acknowledged the existence and genuineness of the face of Harold L. Chapman as the Face of God, acknowledged his validity as the Son of God, and accepted his Supreme Power and Authority. Made into the Law of God the Spirit of God performed the immediate connection of their bodies to his way of thinking.

Son of Life

September 22, 2017


Every one of Harold L. Chapman’s words spoken before the Trinity, mentioned previously in written phrases occurring before in time or order, transfer or relinquish authority, control, and possession of what the thing actually is in its material form immediately, to govern according to his Guiding Intelligence, Principles of Life, or the Kingdom Family System of Government.

Anything to be done by the Chief Executive Officer, every piece of work assigned to the Prince of Peace, everything demanded by the Father as asked for or insisted upon by right or authority of the Son of Life meet the need or requirement, make available or provide with what is necessary or useful to do the King’s Will performing, execution, accomplishment, or fulfillment of his purpose, working together as a unit in full Divine Mind bring about his choice or decision within the three-day or three-year agreements.



September 23, 2017

Deliver to the entire Chapman family every bit of God’s written agreement to do or not to do, land or real estate as named before the Trinity, a great amount of worldly possessions, much money, and the state or quality of being strong.

Be the intensity of power with which their body moves to ward off disease, the source of their moral and intellectual strength, great ability to do, and active physical strength and healthy growth to withstand, oppose, fend off, and stand firm against any force exerted upon their body that tends to deform its appearance or shape.

The Chapman family at this very moment is coming into use as the beginning and lineage of the Family of God, at the peak of activity, influence, or production, in their prime, strong but adaptable bearing annoyances without flinching in spite of any groups of powerbrokers organized against them in order to damage the character of their work in the view of the public, speaking or writing to analyze and judge disapprovingly, finding fault, accusing publicly, condemning strongly as unlawful, immoral, or improper, staying in the same place unshakable and unyielding with a constant disposition to go to a higher position steadfast in the strong belief of purpose when everything distressing, annoying, tiring has been taken away, destroyed, or disposed of by their doing what is right.

God’s family’s physical and mental well-being, freedom from disease, pain, or defect occurring naturally, always favored by circumstances causing great pleasure, being satisfied and full of joy pleases the Father, and their final Perfected State a lighted up appearance of their face is God’s Will and Law.



September 24, 2017

The entire Chapman family has as their part of the Lord’s estate money and property allotted to Harold L. Chapman by inheritance, their portion in life necessary to divide and distribute in shares to the Kingdom Family by virtue of birthright all things owned by the Father according to a plan proceeding directly from the Father.

At all times in eternal bliss the Chapman family is blessed with the liking of God equal in value, force, and meaning with this formal act confirming and ratifying their full Kingdom Family Membership, clearly proven to each member mature in age by the transfusion of the Father’s blood received from the Son, ordered by the Law of God.



September 25, 2017

The work of God resolutely aimed at making Harold L. Chapman to be like the Almighty as said in the first book of the Bible is successfully brought to a conclusion without lacking anything necessary to bring up or rear his second born.

Giving lessons, guiding his studies, developing his mind, skills, character, and traits, providing with knowledge and insight, controlling his moral development, giving power and authority, and commanding him to take on his course in life as a Father should.

His spiritual part thinking, willing, and choosing and his whole physical substance having the final planned and arranged healthy red color serving to add whatever pleased or satisfies his senses, magnificent glory, special recognition and honor, being widely known and much talked about, the Graces of God a sense of what is right or proper and thoughtfulness toward others in a condition of complete excellence.

The Family of God giving off a bright lighted facial appearance flushed with a blooming red color strengthen fully the soul, mind, and body and delivers each Kingdom Family member from sin and its penalties coming from the approval of applications and by transfusion of the Father’s blood.



September 26, 2017

The Chapman family’s  profession and occupation in an Executive or Assistant Executive Officer position is largely mental exertion working hard and continuous engaged in the most important work of their life for a very long time or in formal education constituting their full regular working hours.

In public employment going far beyond the ordinary, reaching the intended aim, end, or purpose of the Master Plans, finding a method or process of solving extraordinary educational, social, financial,  governmental, and economic problems, assisting the Chief Executive Officer in an advisory and administrative capacity having special authority and responsibility to do remarkable things for the people of the United States of America upon which the fulfillment of reasoned choices and decisions of Harold L. Chapman rely.



September 27, 2017

Harold L. Chapman the guiding head of the Kingdom Family and his family not lacking any member is entrusted to the Power of God for their personal protection, chosen to direct the affairs of all human beings the entire family returned to life and he succeeded to the second highest order in the hierarchy of God.

His greater ring of light rules the day, represents the light of the world, and suggests the arrival of Peace on Earth between God and humans appear above the horizon.



September 28, 2017

Harold L. Chapman’s divine gift of personal observance of events as they occur perceived in a dream a visionary experience of receiving a transfer agent’s written means of transferring money promised by the First Act of God.

The Spirit of God delivered to the Son of God the distinct detailed meaning causing him to arrive at his godly degree of superiority, having information visualized beforehand through a mental impression produced on his mind and senses, forever the same providing personal knowledge of every situation that will happen in his life releasing his Divine Mind to do the Will of God.



September 29, 2017

The Principles of Life in the entire Chapman family at every moment exist as a natural and inseparable right in the air taken into their lungs, inhaling and exhaling the power to live forever easily and naturally poured into each of them by divine nature.

Their immortal or spiritual part having no physical or material reality is assigned by the Father the functions given to strong and fixed purpose, inciting, impelling, or encouraging all they choose to do with their life.

Distinguished from their mind’s ability to learn and understand from experience, to make a reasoned choice or decision, and to control their own actions, their continuing spiritual development involving many changes which began the actual existence of everlasting spiritual human beings on Earth is finished.

During the next 24 hours the Acts of God will succeed in doing all Harold L. Chapman asked for as planned by actual performance of the written manifestations and changes exactly as established by Life.


September 30, 2017

My Words cannot be other than truth, beginning October 1, 2017 in the United States of America I bring into actual performance my solemn declaration made under oath in the Book of Life, all things called for by me I agree to do, enter into or upon in a public or open manner to fulfill my needs, expectations, wishes, or desires.

I say yes to all freeing myself from uncertainty, being worried about what may happen, or concerned about a possible future event, answering or responding only by giving what is due or believed to be due by me, the external appearance or action changing the form from what was said to that which is real, carrying into effect, fulfilling, or accomplishing all written previous to this date without any further delay.

Harold L. Chapman
Life, Peace and Love

Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.