Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace



Our Father, statistically significant and first in order of development a condition requiring in ready-to-use form and occurring with extreme rapidity removal or lightening of traditional beliefs, attendant circumstances, and poor living conditions of old age.

Mothers, fathers, and grandparents of us all who brings up and care for us all now being of no use. The existence of an individual with little value, treated as unimportant, not suitable to the time, and generally incompetent, taken possession of by legal process and held in the charge and control of nursing homes.

I seek means of breaking and avoiding the tedious sameness our beloved parents face continually, exhausted in strength manifesting unrest of mind through lack of interest. I have need of the good sense and wise course of action that alters and adjusts with a view to reforming, improving, or neutralizes the ill effects.

The means to recover what is morally upright advancing their well being with descent and correct behavior, set right this injurious, unfair, and unjust real existence in a state of captivity in institutions under state jurisdictions, and outside the confines of hospitals and privately operated nursing care centers bring about the alleviation of this social wrong.

My Son, health-care professionals who have undergone training and obtained a license as from a state conferring authorization to provide routine care for the sick must practice not affiliated with larger controlling HMOs or member physicians, supervised by a chosen family physician.

Your efforts to maintain or restore the health of those grown old affected with disease or ill health, deteriorated vitality, feeble from age, weak of mind and will, concerned with the practice of medicine, must place reliance and trust upon nurses.

Nurses qualified through advanced training to assume some of the duties and responsibilities formerly assumed only by a physician who cares for the sick professionally without having the training or experience required of a registered nurse and those licensed by a state authority after qualifying for registration.

Take charge by assuming the financial burden or outlay, loss or penalty incurred in litigation, required disbursement and expenses, salaries and wages. The Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc., must become financially liable for privately operated nursing care for the aged or the chronically ill who are unable to care for themselves properly awaiting full recovery.

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