Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


Our Father, I seek the communication and reception of knowledge and understanding to deal with trying situations, a course of action distinguished by wisdom evidencing the possession of inside information, deliberate purposive planning to do away with homelessness as completely as if by pulling up by the roots.

Preparatory measures ready for use as a method of achieving a successful return by all to activities and interests affecting and associated with all members of society. A detailed program executed in a manner satisfying standards of living socially acceptable in taste for any human being and protection from any home being distressed by poverty.

Precautionary measures to prepare in advance supporting bodily material needs, temporary dwellings, and immediate sleeping accommodations before settling in a home. The process of tenure by lease given final approval by the one actually involved permitting as a right the individual privilege of deciding and latitude of selection, a trust and responsibility delivering immediate enjoyment of this first step in building social standing.

Attract and hold by influence the personal services of real estate brokers or managers to set apart residences in familiar settings agreeably suited to good tastes. The focus of their attention houses providing the enjoyment of temporary lodging provided for the period of time necessary for each individual case to reach successfully this predetermined destination, a proud homeowner.

My Son, the only means of access to all Americans living a very full life is aid in the form of necessities for all those in need, human beings undergoing a shift in status within the social levels. Sharing the same economic status that working class must occupy a position socially and economically happy, healthy, and prosperous with improvement of the welfare of disadvantaged social groups guaranteed by the Kingdom Family Treasure House affording a secure life.

Engage in as a way of life directions calling for compliance and technical procedures that show officially arrangements by the Restoration and Recovery Branch conferring with state governments arriving at legal sanction for an institution providing various community services.

A business arrangement for the supply of goods or services given the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc. as a permanent system of accepted procedures prescribing strict adherence to observed improved social life of all citizens of every state.

A set of agreements between states for regulation of matters affecting all of them governing the act, manner, or an instance of treating our less fortunate, a process by which the remedy to social wrongs is handled in commercial transactions.

A firmly established and generally accepted practice bringing into uniformity professional activities existing in real estate, retail stores, and owners of property that is leased or rented binding persons entering into transactions to the techniques or actions applied in the habitual practice of orderliness and regularity throughout the nation.

Each elected governor get personally and enthusiastically involved in the Re-public of America, receive, acknowledge, and accept this proposal to which the revenue from an endowment is attached. A corporation of a public character recognized as authoritative, dedicate and observe formally by a permanently enacted agreement between your state and the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc.

Openly express support, publicly and definitely, for a corporate enterprise that provides persons with guiding information directing their course of life. The administration of policy that provides all needs and causes compliance to the orderly procedures of a natural process fulfilling all requirements for the attainment of financial well being.

A settlement of social matters severely straining allocated funds in both state and local budgets purposeful activity of an economic nature for supply of the impossibilities of a level of personal or family income in which one is classified as poor according to governmental standards. Painstaking effort to avoid omissions regardless of race, creed, color, or nationality favorably affecting this social circle and that meets financial obligations adequate to end grave and extreme poverty that deprives my people of the necessities of life.

A pursuit in which all lacking a normal or adequate supply of money or material possessions are provided with employment affording profits and yielding advantageous returns by serving those that remains members of a dominant group inferior because of different racial, sexual, economic, social, or cultural characteristics.

A public servant to give assistance and support making more pleasant the journey advancing or progressing toward self-sufficiency, easing of all burdens, wrongs, or oppressions by the actions of a state whereby its sovereignty is placed between its citizens and the federal government to bring about the alleviation.

I receive into my hands by the power and control of the Kingdom Family System of Government all person deprived of liberty and kept under involuntary restraint and confinement, effect by wealth reckoned in terms of money brought to bear against opposition or resistance.

Relief and deliverance from the custody of injustice to a people restored to usefulness exceptionally desirable and highly valued. Set free from physical surroundings under persistent and serious attack by that which is lacking or needed, preserved and guarded from any destroying agents or failure to gain, win, obtain, or utilize their right to the pursuit of happiness.

Fixed compensation of $800.00 dollars paid weekly provided for by money that is made on invested capital, a means of guaranteeing protections as health insurance and the right to take vacation time provided by the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc. in addition to wages or salary.

Further the advancement and promote change for the better for unskilled workers who assists skilled workers employed by my Treasure Houses in every neighborhood, town, city, parish, or county in the United States of America. Employing all needy applying the income derived from donations, a grant of money providing for the continuing support or maintenance for all inhabitants given the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc. under the control and authority of its founder.

Placed under an Administration of Justice arising from a Judgment of God arrived at prematurely due to an earlier occurrence of the nature of man, an unregenerate condition of humanity not reformed and not reconciled holding stubbornly to an invasion of the God given rights of others.

Immoral and unethical principles, practices, and conduct contrary to justice, goodness, and equity, the office of governor is justly chargeable with and responsible for any persons held in servitude bound to service for governmentally controlled minimum wages.

Subject to the will of a constitutional government completely subservient to persons or interests possessing or controlling great wealth, forced to do routine, boring, uninspiring, long strenuous fatiguing labor, too hard, too long, and to exhaustion, owners of human beings over whose life, liberty, and property the very affluent has absolute control unreasonably or perversely unyielding.

Enjoy self-directing freedom and moral independence having a self-governing state not bound by or committed to a political party and whose right and title comes directly from the King. In a subordinate position the Governor who lives in an administrative subdivision of the Kingdom of God and enjoys the protection of an autonomous state continuing without term limitation requiring no re-election.

Take an oath of allegiance to the Kingdom Family System of Government and receive by virtue of the vested power of Harold L. Chapman social standing of a high order, distinct political powers, and the Governor’s estate.

Set down in writing and communicate by letter an application seeking and achieving liberty, happiness, and prosperity for all inhabitants of your territorial division. Deemed advantageous to the public and granted by the King a signed and sealed binding agreement between your state and the Kingdom Family Treasure House as justification against a federal government reprimand, United States Governors, the defense of America, speaking out in defense of justice for all.

The outcome, our nation’s unskilled and uneducated professionally engaged in a piece of work undertaken at a rate set by my authority and expressed in my words, a public business for private gain its workers becoming proficient being trained by repeated exercise.

Small businesses primarily serving the needs of a particular limited shopping district, local persons owners of local public conveyances, nearby or neighborhood stores, selling in small quantities and at retail to consumers. Manufacturing activity the nation’s industry selling at a retail price in small quantities to all retailers entering into transactions applied equally throughout the nation.

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