Kindgom Family

The whole creation embraces this chosen period of time, an occasion and opportunity to harmonize free from personal feelings, opinions, and prejudices. All existing things affecting and shared by all alike as full compensation, neither profit nor loss. The time of childbirth, evenly proportioned between four definite lengths of time and adapted to end enforced servitude, all children becoming obedient and submissive to one God and Father of all. These periods of special activity are distinctively known and characterized by four seasons of the year, autumn and winter spring and summer.

Autumn, man's coming into existence refusing to accept, comply, and do the Father's will, the fall of mankind from the grace of God. The season leaves fall from the trees, the gradual failing of man his mental and physical faculties weaken and deteriorated. As overripe fruit full of information or understanding acquired through experience, handed down as seed to raise a more desirable nature, revealed gradually made visible by study and training.

Winter, the coldest season, insufficient in warmth of feeling, affection, emotion, and marked by a lack of life. Frigid and bitterly cold, intense animosity and deeply seated hatred, a time of armed conflicts between nations and different parties in the same state, opposites in direction and position. Lacking the freshness of a new approach, the people simply exist having little importance or significance, refusing to recognize the loss of courage. Motionless without hope of changing place or position sleeping as hibernating animals, the trademark clearly evident by the absence of effort or action. Engaged in trivial and useless activities wanting in direction or purpose, abandoned to the overpowering dominion of death.

Spring, all life starts anew brought forth as offspring by the awakening of physical and mental vigor, advancing toward full development. Overstepping bounds set forth by existing conditions of life and the influence of former and formal communications, coming into one's essential nature and increasing in wealth, power and distinction. Flourishing and progressing toward maturity, the acceptance, acknowledgment, and birth of a state of mind, by the transmission of distinctive qualities or traits from our Father to his offspring: the likeness of God.

Summer, the warmest season, loving kindness and warmth of the heart abound preventing the loss of bodily heat. A united, sincere, and loving world, eager, alive, enthusiastically taking counsel and yielding to the sovereign authority of one God. All nations experiencing the joy and pleasure of good fortune, a bright and prosperous period, the peak of development, the granting of all request and things hoped for.

The wind of truth is blowing it is springtime, sing and dance with me sounding the same words in obvious agreement setting in motion steps toward emancipation. Terminating the engagement of one political party to the economically superior and divorcing the other from its position between the laboring poor and the very wealthy: a political system denying the economically inferior their rights.

The Constitution of the United States of America, framed and adopted in 1787, has ceased to live holding no knowledge of life during this present day. Words belonging to and intended for former times delegating the right or power to govern the living, increasing the range and scope of death's dominion. Arise from the power of the grave and acknowledge the Kingship of our Father, the only living God: an abrupt transition into a permanent condition of stability and restored health, happiness and freedom from anxiety.

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