Kindgom Family

Way of Man

America agree entirely, a peaceful relationship and union of persons furthering a common interest and a forward movement, the permanence of purpose recognize as the truth, make critical evaluations wisely, and matters of business fit for a new use the performance of a proper function.

Pronounce a closeness of association and unite in purpose, a desire with expectation of fulfillment become matted together as performed for each other sustaining the other, an enclosed group sharing a common habitat and similar geographic conditions. Advocate and support a choice differing from the ordinary, work to draw or direct to this common point, existing as a unit complete and undivided in class or grouping. Unite with others and embody purpose as a distinction, connect in some way to human beings collectively. A human individual precede all others of any arrangement of things any human being is most important, first is the natural or suitable position beyond which there is no other and vigorous and flourishing is the proper working condition of the foremost value of any kind, ordinary people.

Restore the scale by which deeds and principles are weighed the expression of a solemn declaration, declared or reasonable ground for hope or expectation arouses desire. The agent producing the reality of an alternative, become engaged unite in act and purpose unyielding to injurious affects or opposing forces and set in motion or circulation a cause awakening activity, excitement, and movement.

Labor efficiently again, begin anew inspiring courage, hope, and resolution essential to and supporting life, the natural power of becoming concerned again. At a late or forward stage in life charge with emotion and extend or draw out assistance. A starting point or raised platform, a bearing or framing member in life having connection caring for and bringing to full physical development parents and their children. Moving, directing, or causing to rise to a higher common state or condition persons considered collectively, nearer in all opinions, aspects, or points of view.

Gain elevation in rank, status, fortune, or reputation reaching over, surpassing and rising beyond the unexceptional occurring or accepted among many people, move upward climbing from one level to another and rid this nation of surrounding conditions regarded as undesirable. Any position of employment held by a person or any assumed function without conscious control is menial service under the power of another resulting from social position or wealth, dominated, the entire body of human beings living enclosed in a pen.

Clinging or sticking steadfast accept the love of God toward man and follow that which is presented for acceptance or belief, the straightest course of movement or progress and the way used by man to change station in life or social standing. Instead of removing or dissociating oneself lacking emotional responsiveness, include as a relevant or necessary form of being or a style of living a combination of circumstances, conditions or connections that bring a single human being in a potentially helpful acquaintance with his fellow. Circumstances affecting an activity or mode of existence held by one's profession or position for the assistance and benefit afforded another. A useful result or product of labor permitting movement continuously set in a course fixed or established in purpose, making one's way socially and financially by a series of actions or plans incapable of being disputed.

Triumph over or surmount difficulties by a firm belief imparted freely applying attention and time completely to a particular action, a determined direction embrace and achieve by applying the mind to acquire knowledge. Put forth the effort and make an attempt to do or attain your purpose, a point or place equally distant from extreme measures or the contrasted directions of any thing, event, or matter whatever. Hold firmly supplied or equipped with the means proposed or mapped out in the mind having reality in time.

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