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Beginning of Life

Allow admittance, without injury to person or property, this Doctrine of Peace that corresponds to the reality of everyday life. A rule of conduct decreed by formal enactment, an honorary distinction conferred upon completion of a course of life, experience inclining toward policies favoring fuller development and the improvement in one's personal life.

A system of community life risen to its highest common state, the outward miraculous occurrence presented as a gift, special prominence, prolonged duration and continuance in respect to time. A distinctive form of external adornment in the nature of the organ that secretes milk, producing nourishment, the principle of life in the whole human species, widely cultivated and closely allied.

Communicate knowledge as official representatives, anything that produces great interest or excitement pertaining to the entire community perform without legal obligation able to adjust, a standard of good birth raised a body united to make a fine display of habitual politeness yielded freely, the power to affect others.

Relating to the immediate business, job, or skilled handicraft, duties connected to the service of God continue in a living functioning state becoming aware through the eye of remarkable talent, power, or ability, personal representatives performing the duties or functions of an office or position. A standard of rightness that govern the operation of association, fitting together gladly preferred, thinking logically and rendering what is due or merited, the overcoming of any difficulty.

The bestowal of divine favor which makes happy and prosperous, serving to connect adjoining related parts for the performance of that which covers and protects a person. A distinctive badge of special knowledge in the human body, a self-governing power honest and open, the way in which a person is popularly perceived or regarded and by which the eyes are opened to visualize as an external reality a great people. A multitude of distinct personalities considered as a body united in one God, the third person of the Trinity existing without origin or descent from parents or termination of existence.

Beyond the common order a period of excellence, distinction and enjoyment, adjournment to a time of success and prosperity. Persons of eminent worth, a conclusion reached designating a species of readiness chosen with care, a central attraction the understanding acquired through experience, timely knowledge, a systematic development of the mind. Be attentive in order to hear, respond through understanding, and examine by means of a formal test of knowledge or skill, an assembly of listeners to whatever gives or restores life, touching or grasping the power connecting large bodies.

Move into the power of vision, experience or realize beforehand means made ready in advance, a look directed toward something distant perception into the inner nature or real character. The creative inherent powers of the body and mind coming together, a bodily motion needing no change, altering or improving, one's signature an established enactment for merit, service, or achievement, all persons engaged in an enterprise or profession giving or promoting feelings of enjoyment, delight, or satisfaction.

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