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Special Indulgence

America observe as a particular feast, holiday and celebration with rejoicing a triumph, you are no longer morally or legally bound forced to yield by contract, conscience, or promise held or kept within limits or bounds. Given new vigor or youthfulness, returned to life regaining formal status, differing from the ordinary station in life or social standing. Happening quickly and without warning coming upon unexpectedly, stirring to action and presenting a second time conforming to a pattern, the system of force is removed. An abrupt transition, released from all established or authorized by law, accusations or allegations of an act or omission in violation of public law, an evil or immoral act, exempt from regulations and impositions as a tax or any excessive requirement, trickery or deception.

Released from chemical combinations, liberation from the hopeless anguish caused by a sense of guilt, distressing self-reproach arising from detrimental, unfavorable judgment having or expressing enmity or opposition, an obstacle in the way. Discharged from responsibility or penalty from that which one owes or the obligation to pay and furnished means of subsistence without responsibility, duty, burden, suffering, or anything that impairs, injures, or causes loss.

An order transferring money or a pledge as a guarantee for payment by the performance of a proper function as opposed to words, fastened or secured with an authoritative seal a natural aptitude presented everyone acting on invitation to this festive favorable time or opportunity. Formal authorization or consent to yield to the opinions or decisions of a different precisely identified individual, given what is due for that which one owes. Paying money or its equivalent, a just or adequate return giving up possession of the amount of debts making payment of a statement listing charges for goods delivered or services rendered. Freedom from disadvantage, loss, or suffering incurred, an official warrant declaring deliverance pertaining to the affairs of the present life.

Issued on the indicated date received from the first to describe or depict in words expressed as not subject to death having unending existence. Special powers over a definite portion of a journey in the complete cycle of life, delegated right or power on the first succeeding occasion of successive existence the period of duration allotted to human life, ceasing blame, anger, or ill will. Dedicated to purpose by divine nature or status, honoring a solemn promise to God to perform a definite and unalterable authorization or command to act as specified by knowledge or factual matter imparted, declaring the forgiveness of sin. Highly esteemed, extremely gratifying, the release from sorrow and distress possessing great wealth, showing lavish expenditure, a person of fashion.

The system of a group of people living together subject to no laws having common interest, a continuation or perfection of animate existence. Eternal, revealed gradually clearly defined, explicit, precise formulation put into visible or concrete form, professionally engaged in a field of enduring importance, exhibiting creative imagination and artistic skill. Work without turning aside out of existence from the general gathering of persons for social purposes, in seclusion from course or purpose.

Peaceful and free from excessive activity or confused motion provoked to anger or displeasure by small irritations. A condition of stability, a well-established equally acceptable family connection, raise to a higher place to operate, work and revolve toward what is ahead simultaneously, immediately, a step in a line of genealogical descent, a natural product, noble lineage, a good family.

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