Kindgom Family

Seat of Love

Empowered, named, and chosen as the person, present and future, serving as a starting point in life, foreordained the eternal spokesman, you are the chief constituent or ingredient of a system of truth. Cause to flow forth the principles of life, the blood necessary to life, nourishment from the mouth. Stretch to full length accomplish much, have success, in the highest place all is possible. Furnished with what is necessary from accumulated stores reserved for distribution, prepared, made ready, and procured beforehand, the means of supporting or maintaining existence, continue to exist unchanged, representing the true Supreme Being.

Bring forth early, life existing in nature a group of people born at the same time. The beginning of existence in the process of growing, the joy and pleasures of childbirth acquiring knowledge or a specific art, trade, or technique produced by one's own mind and thoughts, not copied or imitative. Taking everything into consideration free from strong emotional disturbance, with the power of conscious make choices and act to carry them out. Cause and promote action in an important and influential sovereign nation and restore disunited or deficient parts.

Having power to govern the transition from one period to another, convey messages causing change on all sides in all directions and bear unto completion, the starting point. A transfer or portage from one way or conveyance to another, the royal line set apart to connect by blood or marriage, of common ancestry and having sound and vigorous health to nourish their young, the nature of man's existence.

Apply uniformly and unite for warmth, a partnership conducting business. A continued supply issues forth continuously, a well of learning bringing into actual existence a strong magnifying capacity to conceive the perfect man as a combination of related parts. The place brought into life to conceive, create and give a gentle rise, singled out as a representative specimen to demand payment, payable because of the arrival of a promised stage of life, the portion of time in which all is merged into one. An attribute of God and of his law and judgments, accordance to strict hereditary right you are the true king regarded with approval.

A receptacle to restore a condition of health, happiness, and prosperity to all a criterion of excellence and the only unit of measurement. Go beyond what is usual, necessary or proper, become increasingly acceptable, pleasing, and necessary, of unusual importance, momentous and renowned. A pleasure to hear manifesting agreement and concord in views, attitudes, and feelings, a musical instrument.

The seat of Love, exquisite, fine in workmanship, the apparent outward appearance proceeding from goodheartedness having and expressing affection indicative of love. Thoughtful of others, affectionately nurture, hold dear, treat with tenderness, a uniting force forming a circle around and drawing the parts together into place, the personification of love.

Grasp and possess immediately, a controlling force or influence holding the attention or interest completely, boding well, promising, approving, building confidence and hope, granting all requested or hoped for, the manner in which one is waited upon or served, being looked upon with liking and approval.

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