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Seat of Government

Any position of authority, collection or assemblage of persons having common interest relating or adapted to the execution of laws and the administration of judgments has power to regulate and direct to effect a specific consequence or conclusion. The magnitude, relative condition, manner, and range of view proceeding from authoritative opinions, decisions, or precedents of a government exercising power to compel by force, law, authority, or fear, producing the overall reaction or impression on others by something seen, heard, or done.

Yielding readily to a vague remembrance produced on the mind, the senses, or the feelings in response to an incentive, an appeal to the sympathies or emotions affecting the nature of expressing mental and emotional awareness and thoughts susceptible to recall by the proper stimulus. A decision, opinion, conclusion or judgment obtained for comparison by which a judgment can be made, left by someone having formerly served in a public office or committee, or one who acts for or by the authority of the government or a company regarded as a sign or clue.

Obtained by coercion, created by original effort, or formed by combining materials or parts to convey or suggest to the mind as the meaning or intention, the substance of a statement given in other than the exact words to effect or attain a specific proposition or question at issue. Performed without spontaneity, done by force of habit exhibiting no signs of life. Devised or constructed as the organization and operating principles of a complex structure, a number of persons met together for a common purpose. Used to carry out the designs of others, easily deceived or misled serving as the medium, method, or instrument by which an inevitable or natural consequence is accomplished.

Proceeding in a direct manner not favoring one above another, mail sent without charge, free from blame or guilt especially legally, not complex or complicated, not given to faultfinding or severe judgments and distinguished from spiritual, an ingenuous natural plan. Satisfying by testimony credible or believable, narrative accounts giving particulars corresponding in every detail with established methods and carried out with organized regularity. An established manner in which the underground portion is manifested, a connected succession of persons presented for acceptance or belief, producing an outcome by drawing conclusions from facts recognized by all as the truth or assumed to be true until disproved.

Entrusted with one's secrets, the number of jurors, number of voters, the number of votes cast for a particular candidate, adequate mental power or the perceptible course or trend absolutely needed for newspapers or a radio and television broadcast of news to affect perception or discernment difficult to understand. Without feelings, inspiring fear and disturbing the mind regarding a subject, event, or situation that is an object of discussion or concern that cannot be certainly predicted in advance of proof, such as a final outcome.

Bringing into existence feelings of doubt, distrust, or apprehensions, shrewdness in terms of mutual agreement and skillfulness in deceiving cleverly conceived to get an advantage by deception, or to confuse mentally by superior ingenuity or cunning. Producing mental suffering using biting derisive remarks and cutting expressions of disapproval, the power to move feelings, exciting to a state of high emotion into a direction, position, or state implied.

Away from that which any act or movement proceeds, a judgment or opinion obtained by reasoning. From an upright to a prone position, mentally predisposed brought low in mind and spirit, easily excited to anger without deliberation, an aptitude, tendency, or disposition to act by sudden impulse and without forethought. Coming to the surface as a fish after a lure, increasing in wealth, power, or distinction capable of producing an intended effect. On broad, a vessel conveying communication, idle often malicious talk about others, the medium through which radio program or broadcast transmit information, sent without perceptibly moving either of two extremist groups in a political or other organization.

Behaving without equivocation or subtlety before the public to appear larger than another or important by any measurable extent. Prepared in mind to separate into groups of equal consequence, unimportant, of no significance represented politically having an organized system of government, or in an occupation, trade, or profession. The right to vote, a client who deals regularly given over to pursuits, practices, or habits of those collectively who occupy positions of influence and status in a society.

Calm, quiet and motionless, separate or isolated, a single person of news expressed as a choice between two. Likely to be true or to happen but leaving room for doubt, affording or implying a choice between two chief executive to a legislative body. To look upon or regard serving as a symbol having nominal leadership but no real power, as a yes and a no, or a dot and a dash, trained in procedures. Constructed systematically to occupy a position of authority or trust in the government, a group of persons acting as one body to obtain the services for compensation. A combination of circumstances often leading to an intricate or perplexing structure, condition, or relationship, a prevailing trend or condition in human affairs, a crucial turning point in an affair or of a series of events.

One singled out by favoring one side to distribute a small portion, an allotment or share costing little money, unwilling to disburse or expend the whole or to transfer freely to the permanent possession of another without asking anything in return. Setting aside as a condition of success or prosperity, in the progress of time any object or value that a person may lawfully acquire and hold the amount of growth or augmentation which is added, the addition of wages or profits or the return from the employment of capital. Any advantage or gain is to the seat or government, to spend or pass life, to hold stubbornly to a position, or to move in a fixed path under rough, hard, or impoverished conditions accumulating wealth or possessions for oneself.

Amassing to place in buildings a large or inexhaustible fund of anything bought and sold for profit, to store in a warehouse or to entrust for safekeeping in a bank. A system aiming to protect the industries of a country by imposing a tax. An obsession deprived of natural simplicity, wise in the ways and affairs of the world, seizing property by lawful violence or threat of violence. Despoil by robbery or fraud, deprived of rights or possessions, susceptible to damage lacking effective power or force to obtain what one's desires. Yielding no fruit consequence or result, incapable of producing lacking in vigor, imagination, profit or gain in any project, undertaking, or task, especially when difficult, demanding, or of major importance. Lacking payment for use of money or credit expressed as a percentage of the amount owed or used depending on the duration of the debt. The power to exert attractive influence, contain nothing and not capable of serving any beneficial purpose.

Passing a thread through the eye of a needle, arranging or stringing on a thread as beads, a meal provided regularly at a fixed price, supplying with clothing, money and valuables. Greedy for gain, grasping, saving and hoarding, sacrificing comfort not available to the general public limited to a specific group, barely adequate not equal to that which is required. Kept from obtaining by one's own endeavor, business, or producing from that which is owned by those having the power to govern. Wanting in aim or purpose having little substance, a part cut off, divided, subdued and caused to yield. Seized and stopped on the way prevented from reaching the destination, forming a point of view or aspect from which something is regarded with limits. Advancing to adult years partially out of danger and caused to move forward or ahead, a person who behaves with machinelike precision and regularity.

Changing the character, nature, and conditions, the rise itself, the power forcefully and effectively exercised performing lifeless activities by which one earns one's livelihood. The gathering together of cattle passing unnoticed or imperceptibly as time, a regular course fixed, erected as an enclosure, barrier, or boundary, established as a business for the manufacture or assembly of goods. To trade or deal in as a commodity, a bandage for swathing to bind to service by written contract having existed from remote antiquity, an ancient two-wheeled vehicle.

An ordered arrangement of persons regarded as associated through status, common interest to join or fit a continuous course of human beings living in the same country, under the same government, and speaking the same language. Paid directly and promptly to bring to an end any class of beings having characteristics differentiating them from other, stating in full and explicit terms a definite opinion, position, or attitude rather than being led into taking a particular course, having a particular pace kept within reasonable limits. Put into a fixed or immovable position, meek, bashful, or timid, a place of confinement involved in financial difficulties, a toy made to spin or the seat of a chair.

Cast a vote for one not listed on a ballot and direct the preparation, publication, and editorial policies of a newspaper, magazine or other professionally engaged subject, event, or situation that is an object of discussion or concern. Express a special attitude, bias, or opinion favoring specific information, only everyday occurrences without ambiguous language with intent to mislead or deceive. Shallow analysis treat as trivial, a readily apparent false assumption having no worth, value, dignity or virtue.

Considered as a unit having the power to legislate, presenting, portraying, or representing the principal part or mass having only a remnant of its first stages of existence, the total number of members therefore regarded as not proceeding from proper authority, duly sanctioned. Settling for less than the entire substance payable, weakening courage, lessening confidence, indifferent to the suffering of others having a feeling of contempt, loathing, as for someone deemed inferior or unworthy of attention. A feeling or attitude of superiority bringing discredit and disgrace upon others with freedom or exemption from punishment, harm, or unpleasant consequence. A moral fault or stain to the senses or mind existing as an individual entity to associate by some relation, confined within or defined by limits having powers restricted by constitutional law or authority.

I am an object of choice, exclusively set aside by divine will for salvation, to determine the future by the power to predetermine the course of events and ordain by decree. A distinctly and plainly set forth settled resolution, as written, not stated in full and explicit terms and not precisely identified individuals, things, or times. The period to cease habitual employment, ending bounds or limits as a way or mode of living.

Connect the head to the body and the narrative account giving particulars is a mouth that shall be stopped. The sum of three and one, a family connection by descent through one parent, a stage or degree of development having the nature or attributes of a collection of persons taken as a whole. A representation or likeness intervening and extending indefinitely in all directions having a close resemblance, the essential likeness which supplements or completes another and that harmonize or correspond with each other, recompense in full.

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