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The Right

Form a course of life situated or occurring between two frames of mind, devoting oneself to the acquisition of knowledge, going far beyond the bounds of moderation indicating the differences of a prolongated way of living. Filled with activity, healthy, morally powerful, courageous, lively, and productive, proceeding under given conditions in life managing and exercising authority over behavior and conduct. Fulfilling and accomplishing all desires or craving taking hold of suddenly and forcibly a step in a line of genealogical descent: practical, material, worldly prosperity pertaining to affairs of the present life, achieving ultimately or immediately that which is conceived in the mind.

A mental image serving as a model of supreme perfection kept before the mind as an inevitable and natural consequence, the result of putting forth power existing in the mind only. Expressing in words the final outcome to associate as in thought timely knowledge acquired through experience, practical ability or skill. Stand in relation to a sure conviction, expertness resulting from knowledge, expanding, bringing out the potentialities and capabilities working out in detail, enlarging upon, bringing into active existence designed for or suited to a particular use.

Become aware through the eye of an effect produced on the mind, a likeness situated on the corresponding side, a force that causes a material change when regarded. Having and exhibiting superior abilities to resist successfully any falling into ruined or reduced condition and made known gradually by use. An impression printed on the solid object, not in the usual or prescribed form, inscribed by other means to make known emphatically from one place to another information that leads to the solution of any puzzling or difficult circumstance, a truth that can be known only through divine revelation.

Barely detectable existing between parts a component acting in a limited way to determine influence, importance, or consequence appropriate to the season. Carefully considering determining deeds, principles, and destines, prolonging and sustaining, estimating conditions favoring success and extracting by pressure or power exerted on any resistance. Forcibly constraining or restraining, morally or physically, into subjection or control any hard to accomplish prevailing ideas.

Fixed permanently, granting or assigning under seal the passing, changing, or transition from one state or period to the body of human beings, a material change produced proceeding slowly in peace, a course of life or experience used by the human race upon which it stands or moves. Accomplish what is attempted or intended, continuous existence in a condition in which there is a methodical, proper, harmonious arrangement, discover, pursue and follow an identifying seal, free from obstructions preventing a clear view of that which is difficult to do, overcome, or understand.

Having personal liberty, not controlled by characteristics or concerns unfamiliar and strange occurring in the body, exercise power as in control or dominion, independent and self-governing. Free from inflicted suffering causing agony or worry, doubt, confusion, bewilderment, annoyance, disturbance, toilsome exertions, and pains, a diseased condition, ensnare as in a net of threatening difficulties, a tense emotional state characterized by fear and apprehension without apparent cause.

Pursue a course of natural development and come upon for the first time the curative properties of a searching look or glance. Giving purpose and direction, a reproduction or imitation of an original, growing and existing in pairs to lay or impose upon. Affording entrance, the right and privilege of making a journey into the visual centers of the brain. Furnishing an opportunity for unclouded, understandable, free from uncertainty or obstructions, a power and range of vision, the focus or center of thought.

Actions outside the reach or scope requiring little work or effort perceiving with the eyes and arriving at the end highly accomplished, the power by which one understands immediately evident without treacherous cunning, craft or deceit. Completely honest and unreserved marked by no effort at concealment or disguise, impartial and fair, showing light having no modifying conditions.

Enclosed across from and facing, the family connection having a close resemblance and identical in size, the part of an estate coming to the next of kin. Having actual being or reality differentiated from others by distinctive characteristics existing objectively or in the mind, an actual or conceivable being serving as a foundation, structure or framework. Bringing together so as to form a whole, placed to encourage, applause, and contribute, relinquishing power.

A visible figure, a permanent form serving as a memorial or authentic evidence continuously bent to live and carry on one's life so as to extend across, without interruption from the first to the last, during this period of time. Readily apparent to sight the change of position, the course of life reserved to take a clockwise onward movement, a continuance in time, unfolding, growing, and developing, the body of living beings existing in nature, a connected succession of persons performing its proper function.

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