Kindgom Family

Re-Public of America

We pledged allegiance but were never formally inducted and denied initiation we traveled round a complete circuit and have come to a position equivalent to the beginning of the journey. A final return to the original state, the replacement of a political system by those governed. The Re-public of America, anew, again, in a way in which the sovereignty resides in the people and administrative powers are set firmly in surrounding conditions of life, events, or situations.

Political and social equality existing for the benefit and enjoyment of all, in opposition to the extension of slavery to the party or administration in power. Living together having common interests, the supporting of everyday life for all people, an equitable part enjoyed by all people, and the assimilation of all things for the use of all people.

Not for taxation or for support of a government having absolute control subjecting its people to working hard for a set fee, genuinely offered as for the public good but actually for private profit. Employment which require little intelligence or understanding, tiresome, boring, and appropriate to servants, so frequently repeated as to become almost automatic.

Overseers, severe and exacting employers granting small sums, a maximum wage cleverly disguised as a minimum wage, holding human beings as property in mental, mortal, or spiritual bondage: the business of dealing in slaves. In a condition of servitude, being obedient and subject to a right that one man has to use another for purposes requiring much or extremely hard labor, contingent upon, subordinate to, and relying on for support. An immoral trait, habitual indulgence in degrading or harmful practices contrary to conscience or public morality.

But the brightness of God is shed on America, a nation displaying the colors of the rainbow increasing its beauty, an exhibit on display conspicuous in its social standing and attitude. Stretching across two points in time, a journey accessible to all, extending the period of duration allotted to human life, a triad, beginning again a set of three of superimposed thirds exhibiting rainbow tints.

An admixture of different colors, an orderly and gradual progression made by dilution with white to weaken the intensity, strength, or purity to become united or closely joined. Mingled and combined so as to obscure without distinction or fame, to harmonize and to shade imperceptibly into each other, light into a different color as the settlement of the dispute, an adjustment taken to connect on the basis of relationship.

This is the standard by which distribution is accomplished, the internal nature that is concealed reversed so that the inside is exposed, one heart, one mind, one soul, and one body for all. Fastened, supported and attached from above only, so as to allow free movement and course, fully license to move with a sweeping motion, carrying off and clearing away all before, to bring to a successful conclusion a period of business.

I am the center, a particular moment of time about which all things revolve. The medium that makes vision possible, the prism in which all light passes through, the illumination shed on the people of the earth. Accompany me, I alone possess the right, power and freedom of passage from death to life.

Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.