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This small book of knowledge, a manner of proceeding or acting in any course of action, within the body performs the specific obligatory service, natural or proper actions, and the special duties required instead of physical force. Reserved accommodations to revive mutual feelings of attraction or extravagant affection, the granting of special advantages to one country, judgment after estrangement taking possession of persons of importance previously unowned and employing for the accomplishment of purpose.

Closing any means of being raptured or transported, feelings of doubt and strong curiosity, or any way or passage out, through which ability and understanding enters, all opinions, aspects, or point of view transmitted within. An extraordinary event directly affirmed not admitting doubt or denial proclaiming a public declaration, causing or permitting to be seen unmistakably the offer of one's word and life as a guaranty. A binding and valid assurance given by one person to lesson the pressure, weight, or tension, relief from sorrow or distress, helpful, favorable and indulgent, coming before the public repeatedly to impart life. Making alive the entire physical part of human beings or any process associated with the brain involving conscious and subconscious thought, interpretation of perceptions, insight, and imagination.

Mental and physical freedom from confused motion, violent agitation or social disorder, a person of superior ability acting to make impossible or ineffectual the further putting forth of power regarding matters on which opinions differ. On the way to fame and distinction, borne at the end of a period intervening between earlier and the latter segments of time, to represent or depict evidence supported, acceptable, and convincing made irrevocable by formal approval, an encouraging look that cannot be pierced.

A person affording assistance, a supporting structure living in society aware, informed, ingenuous in mind, exercising sound judgment, and serving to promote a sovereign nation unalterably determining the preordained or predetermined ordering of true or actual conditions, the state of being in concord. Unity of feeling, peace and friendly relations so strong or well made as to render injury, damage, or hurt causing or leading itself to troublesome awkward deprivation and the gradual leaking or seeping turning out to be unsuccessful, disappointing, or lacking, incapable of existing or taking place.

Changing the outside demeanor, the social structure resembling the manners of early times, a grand and ceremonious style ruled by a privileged upper division of society the nature of democracy, material wealth belonging distinctively to a particular class having the power to frame or modify a constitution. Unswerving in purpose and free from the pretense of having feelings or characteristics one does not possess, become a single person belonging to an entire group having a specific function. A settlement of any difference, share equally and come to rest having the purpose or course resolved.

The body, a collection of human beings living under the same duly sanctioned administration of affairs, having in mind as a purpose or intent to serve as a medium of conveyance for property lasting or intended to be used for a short time only. Impartially just, fair, and reasonable in the sight of God, a life giving force, truth, giving purpose or direction to the entire material universe, a sculptured likeness of beauty in the body of living beings, the love of God. The divine influence operating in man and pleasing to God resulting from wisdom and designated by a common fame or distinction, a name or title of family tending to a social system characterized by the communal sharing of goods and services.

All required not to be ignored, part of an invariable process in the mind, purpose directing one's efforts steadfastly and presented as a gift. That which contributes to improvement or success making atonement, compensation for loss and exemption from penalties or liabilities, the reconciliation between God and man effected by fulfilling this communication in writing made under divine inspiration.

Supporting livelihood by a high state of attainment in art or skill peculiar to or used in a specialized field of knowledge, an ancient weight and denomination of money. Keenly responsive, pleasing and meaningful arrangement of expertness resulting from knowledge, one's regular, principal, or immediate business that works or performs its function using, applying or devoting thought or effort to purpose. Supplying as thought when unexpressed, responding by performance, grasping to resist separation the binding force faithfulness to vow and truth, the exactness of reproductive details of one mind, mental concurrence or agreement.

Value greatly, the fineness of thought of one who is preferred, and the expression and communication of emotions or ideas between human beings, the liberty of personal choice from deficiency or complete absence of refinement, assured of success or fortune and regarded as a source of honor or credit.

A strongly protected place, permanently having the exchangeable value costing very much shut in or enclosed to provide shelter, shielded from danger or inclement weather. Provided funds to guarantee payment bestowed in great quantities to strengthen the structure, enriched by adding secrets, royal power or dignity. Going beyond the bounds of moderation advocating widespread governmental changes and reforms at the earliest opportunity, the ensign or flag of a nation of destiny, the succulent fruit of the senior member of a family.

A rise or elevation of the entire body taken as a functional whole stretching across or extending over. A first time, a mold or frame that gives shape to a change of policy, approval or assistance to all, standing, leaning, lying, or sitting, hands or feet. Fulfilling all requirements greater in significance, value, or effect, specific sum or total count, specified or indefinite number, or relative dignity, rank, or position, to surpass or exceed limits, moving from an earlier or more remote time or place, as from heaven.

Emitting or reflecting a continuous light giving back an image of illumination on which man dwells. The abode of immortal man as opposed to the abode of God and his angels and any condition of mental or physical suffering, the body having unending existence and not subject to death, forever existent. Extending far in every direction prolonged without break opened or unfolded to full width or extent extending over a period of time, the expansion of the heavens.

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