Kindgom Family

Power to Govern

Unrestricted liberty to make known beforehand is a manner belonging particularly and exclusively to me, the power for absolute domination of ultimate or immediate goals or plans, including giving particulars or factors connected with the act, event, or condition. Observed and enforced exactly, this hereditary right is irrevocable, established, complete, irrecoverable and decisive, a promise to perform and fulfill, the state of being secure, free from danger or poverty, a relationship of trustful intimacy, a guarantee, the state of being sure.

Fitted from birth with this technique to use in conducting the business, management, control, or administration, to change the flow by expressing in another language and exchanging for an equivalent immediate payment. Rising above excellence and overstepping and exceeding all limits by means of money and wealth, the middle point or state between two extremes.

I am endowed with the power of utterance, the audible method of communication perceptible by attentive consideration, apprehended with the mind, imparted or transmitted by speech or writing, and performed by the choice expressed. The granting of this overall appearance, the capacity to see or discern drawing a clear distinction, the ability to perceive or get knowledge of for the first time, and to speak in an affected manner is the voice of nature.

The impoverishment my family and I have endured these many years has come to an end. And as we now depart Colorado to attain success and fame in Washington D.C., the transition from the current political system and administration to the chosen sovereign ruler has begun. America, hear the voice of Almighty God, my Father is ruler of heaven and earth and he places over it whomever he will. The celebration of Jubilee begins January 1, 2001 and the order transferring the power to govern is effective January 20, 2001 as written, under seal this sixth day of December, year 2000.

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