Kindgom Family

The Marriage

Merge into one losing separate identities being always the same, a family growing in number, the harmony, agreement, or concord that results from the joining of two, the state of wedlock. Enter into a receptive frame of mind, a confident reliance on integrity, honesty, or justice without need of certain proof, the power of reproducing, a revival beginning the development of new individuals. A group of students under one teacher pursuing a study together, an ancestry certificate showing ownership of shares.

An attitude or point of view of the intended recipient having a clear image produced and conceived in the heart, the seed introduced into the mind implanted as an idea or principle recalled to the mind and visualized again to undergo copying. Expressing thought in writing or speaking bringing forth by mental effort, creating and producing a specified quality of writing, the fruit of labor designed to introduce printed matter and force ones way.

The reproductive function that brings forth youth, full of freshness being without experience, the younger of two having the same name or title. Considered as a totality of interdependent parts functioning to maintain vital activities having a similar function but differing in structure, the process gives rise to another of its kind. That which is reproduced, the special duties or action required of anyone in an occupation, office, or role, a person having remarkable talent, power or ability.

Extraordinary life, learned, penetrating and possessed of wisdom, personal, not common or usual, unique, exceptional, intimate thoughts, a substitute expression resulting from a close or confidential friend. The prescribed termination or limit of a process is a shorter route cutting off of the flow of something that does not work. Displacing, dismissing, and disconnecting by intervening to intercept the light, the power to frame or modify removed from the blood for use in the two folds of flesh that bound the mouth, reversing the arrangement or order to give graceful or finished form.

Going forward after a stop hastening the natural or usual course causing to happen ahead of time a series of actions or plans tending toward the purpose of an action. Movement forward, nearer a goal, dislodging or forcing from a set position to live or carry on life in cultivated circles. From one side to the other so as to pass or extend across, walking over the bridge to an opposite side. Supported by expressing reality or actuality, showing indisputable facts or figures from which conclusions may be drawn directing or controlling business affairs with absolute confidence. Leading or directing to a destination free from restrictions or obstacles, set at liberty. An esthetically pleasing and meaningful arrangement of rules and principles facilitating skilled human accomplishment expertness resulting from knowledge the point where a continuous function changes its sign not admitting doubt or denial.

Adapt and conform to new external circumstances that affect the existence and development of an individual. The ultimate basis of all thought, reasoning, or being, a supreme ruler of unrestricted power, not settled or decided by a legislative enactment sanctioned and authenticated by constitutional rule, without value or the capability of being valued or estimated. Be different free from intervening agencies or conditions, have a purpose, operate in unison and discover the true nature.

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