Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace

Due to the onward movement of two hundred and twenty four years of physical constriction and mental depression, we, the obedient children of God, dissolve all political bands which connected us to the harsh and unjust use of force or authority imposed upon the mind and will of the people. We undertake this state of total disconnection to occupy a central position as a sovereign political community declaring sufficient fundamental reasons for this separation.

We believe that the air every living soul breathes into his nostrils is the breath of Almighty God, the only giver of life, the Father of all mankind. We are dedicated to the relationship by blood resulting from this ancestral lineage and the equality of creation, which assure all an equal share of goods and services. Therefore, we openly acknowledge our purpose to bring about this proper and intended effect, use rather than profit.

To secure this right and to formalize the conclusion of destructive habitual practices, we exercise our right to alter in entirety the political systems to which we are accustomed. We stand together to provide new Guards, thereby ensuring an abundant Life, Liberty, and Happiness for all. We therefore submit this public and formal declaration or explanation of the principles, intentions, and common objectives of this Kingdom Family system of Government.

The fashion of the world is changed into a spiritual and heavenly body which revolves around God. This circle of life admits no division into smaller parts the whole mind, soul, and body preserved and cannot be changed or destroyed. Its inhabitants, a great people, caring chiefly for the interests and comfort of others, are united by the giving of a definite proportion of self and by the family relationship resulting from common ancestry.

We speak truth in reality, not thoughts of the past or dreams of the future, responding to the needs of the brethren immediately, without any delay. Ever faithful to the performance of duty and fulfillment of all promises and obligations, we purpose to remain worthy of the people's confidence and devoted to God, as demonstrated by obedience and good works.

Destined and committed to ensuring the restoration of personal property and money as reparation to regain an upright and natural position of prosperity: the advancement of all into prominence, a fashionable and wealthy society without compulsory taxation levied upon persons, property, or business.

And for the support of this Declaration, to all nations and powers who may imagine to form against us, be it known that Almighty God is in the midst of his children: divine Providence, and any evil conceived shall not be brought forth. The knowledge of these truths is self-evident, the horn has sounded and the Jubilee has begun.

Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.