Kindgom Family

Year of Jubilee

The essential nature of a whole human individual is perfection without limitation or restrictions, an inherent quality of absoluteness consisting wholly in the mind. The perfect being arising from the solid figure, not consisting of material substance, the intelligence, personality, self-consciousness and will. The creative power of God having reality in human life within the material body, a thought, impression, conviction, opinion, belief, intention or plan, existing actually or potentially.

Connected by blood, one rules the other yielding obediently, corresponding in the body harmoniously, the absolute, unconditional, ultimate controlling power, authority, and dominion, a distinctive pictorial ornamental design constructed for a specific purpose worthy of imitation. Without go-between, fastened securely unchanging and unalterable, free from the deceitful assumptions of moral righteousness, not given to lying, cheating, or stealing, a natural tendency inherent in the fundamental structure, a habitual regard for truth.

This circle of life allows movement upward above the bounds or limits of one's knowledge or experience, the return to life becoming perceptible to the mind. Inseparably connected in a circular movement, a process that finishes at its starting point and that repeats without end, the orbit of a heavenly body, eternal life.

Two equal parts harmoniously proportion in the design having power equal to the task to produce a distinct portion that fulfills a specific function in the working of the whole. A star made by completing the eternal triangle, fixed points of light shining prominently in a profession. A symbol of victory, joy and triumph distinguished from the manner in which a thing formed fall off or shed at maturity or at specific seasons, everlasting, unceasing, the human body topped by a crown, the head itself.

Stretching to full length, beyond normal limits accessing the ladder to the maximum height, royal power and dignity. Accepting willingly a new relationship, the third person of a threefold personality existing in one divine being, taken into the family and kept from failing. A voluntary yielding, the granting of all requested or hoped for, expert judgment and positive knowledge given, moving from a superior rank to that which is beneath. Receiving power to develop in the likeness of the Father and passed from usual or customary to a character exclusively designed for a specific purpose.

The specific decline from superiority is to harmonize family relationship, the essential likeness fastened together to strengthen, serving as a means of support or physical strength to cover the posterior. Extending uniformly in one direction, movement inserted to prevent deviation where the road forks, the way of advancing or progressing, the point at which this division begins.

But the movement of the body around a center of attraction requires little effort, having few difficulties, free from discomfort, trouble or anxiety, having personal liberty and self-governing, moving along steadily and freely, the scale by which deeds and principles are weighed and destinies determined. A direct course, a path leading from one place to another, room to advance, a course of life, state of health, living according to one's own light.

We have won the victory overcoming all enemies, celebrate the triumph with a victorious pageant, a spectacular parade and public celebration, the entry of peace into the republic. Two chief magistrates having absolute powers of government, one who rules and the other dictate words to be written down, a time of special indulgence occurring every one thousand years, a special anniversary, a time of rejoicing.

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