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Heaven on Earth

Without asking anything in return the entire body, human beings living in the United States of America, come to the specific course over which a defensive covering is sent. Come together at the same moment of time, a frame of mind forming a harmonious body, intelligent, purposeful, a discoverable reproduction of an original.

Combine into one, the greatness of a solid body, and render the necessary parts wholly indistinguishable from one another, the working class collectively joining for mutually interchangeable benefits. Each member retain the right to exercise authority over that which occurs fitting or appropriate to the mind or spirit, an individual known to be dependent on his own awareness of oneself and one's surroundings, the internal workings of the body.

Accomplish to the fullest within given determination of God's power, vigorously active and constant in mind, serve as an original worthy of imitation that performs without ceremony. Lead or direct to a destination, the love of God toward man operating in man, the power to exert attractive influence giving extreme pleasure. A brilliant display intended to attract notice revealing to public inspection a system of rules and principles that facilitates skilled human accomplishment. Carry to a favorable or desired outcome whatever reflects or depicts truly the position of one person with respect to another.

Give an outward indication of joy, approval and commendation, tenderness, affection, and love closing in on all sides providing protection against risk, loss, or ruin. Place oneself in the adjoining house having no companion or assistant, living, being, or going alone in a process that finishes at its starting point and repeats itself without end.

Introduce into the mind uninterruptedly possessing life, a human individual becoming pregnant with an assurance given by God. A plainly declared intention uttered through the mouth in one breath, perfection of animate existence, eternal life. Make a decision known for certain in the heart and mind, continuing without change a trademark of sovereign power, a crowned head.

A gift given by God the beginning of life intended for general circulation, indisputably representing the true actuality of a peculiar function belonging particularly to a single person. An intensity of action, irresistible inclination toward some purpose that determines the mode of existence and state of health, a quickness of understanding derived by a natural frame of mind to develop in the likeness of a forefather or parent, an advance indication.

Any man, woman, or child connected to the head the abode of God, a definite locality occupied as a family dwelling, reasonable ground for hope or expectation, a living individual declared as belonging to the ruler of life and the universe. An occupied situation connected by personal ties to render loss, escape, or failure impossible, a partnership conducting business prearranged as to outcome or decision.

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