Kindgom Family

Crown of Peace

America you are the firmament formed to unite all people, the bow bent over the earth to send forth a movement, a behavior expressing the thoughts, desires, and commands of God, and used to direct attention to his deliverance. An expansion of heaven, united to bring great happiness, beauty, and peace, a prolonged uninterrupted existence comprising only of the present and future. A continuance in time unimpaired and unaltered, properly functioning as designed and assigned to a specific purpose. Bring into harmony the activities distinctly and plainly set forth in one's nature, the acts of God, and performing as expected of an offspring having considerable significance, full of purpose, overflowing with knowledge, plans, and inklings, bearing results.

Germinating from a seed and flourishing to be attached by growth, becoming increasingly acceptable and pleasing in the later stages of development. This moment of childbirth is the beginning of a particular period independent of and unaffected by time, a distinctive cultural and social way of life, having a common beginning and ancestry, joined together for mutual interest, a national union of kinship.

The crown is upon my head, having all qualities required to spread abroad, thoroughly and completely informed, lacking nothing, highly valued and esteemed by God, I am the head of the unified body. The sovereign ruler in whom the supreme power and authority is vested, exercising jurisdiction independent and free from external authority or influences, possessing supreme excellence bringing good fortune, skill, and intelligence.

A united state of great pleasure, gratification and gladness, furnished and equipped with power to control one's future, the amount of wealth or possessions, and state of life, with sufficient mental power to receive and understand knowledge gained, perceiving with the mind a clear distinction between good and evil. Apprehending a fineness of thought, appreciating what is beautiful, appropriate and correct, expressing and communicating emotions and ideas free from coarseness or vulgarity, liberated from frailty or weakness of body or health, and sensitive and considerate of the feeling of others, the development and refinement of the mind. The ability to possess for the first time impressions of the external world, natural judgment directly perceived in an exact manner with great accuracy to move forward carefully.

The ability to express or convey ideas in a compulsory coerced manner, the nature expressing a command as moved emotionally. The two folds of flesh that bound the mouth united in purpose, settled and established to reverse the style into a harmonious arrangement directing one's course to move in the path of a circle. Forcing out natural developed expression to adapt as specified, the shaping and control of the mouth for clear enunciation and modified by the lips.

Joined in a common pursuit, connected mentally, united for a common purpose, set aglow with happiness, shining from health and filled with joy, awake to the truth and arouse to greater endeavors. Stir up from sleep, indifference and inactivity and ignite into a brilliant display, acting without self-repression, growing lavishly, living a life of feasting.

Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.