Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


The human race, dearly loved family of my Father, the Prince of Peace has reached his destination on Earth, the United States of America. His Infinite Mind and divine Principles of Life an assurance of love arising out of kinship guaranteed to the Chapman family I share out in an equal and uniform manner to the Kingdom Family. 

Our Father, protecting and defending the United States of America beginning with the State of Colorado extend over in a thin layer the symbol of your unconditional official consent to all I intend to do, all living under this authoritative summary of the Doctrine of Peace and Kingdom Family Treasure House immerse in your unending love, and award as a benefit to all believers and clergy the name of Peace.

Children of Peace, in love with life, in peace with love, come forth. I give permission to enter the new earth by undertaking moral, legal, and mental accountability for providing the necessaries of life. Almighty God Our Father protects you, my Father and I with you always beginning this day guiding you alone a path that leads to a healthy, happy, and prosperous everlasting life, the land I promised my Father to give you.

An order given by spiritual existence transcending physical death come into existence uttering in a loud voice the family name of Peace, requesting family membership receiving my approval of the exemption and immunity attached, rejoice my beloved in the time of rest.

Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.