Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


A historical portion of time to begin the pieces of work assigned by me to be finished by the Kingdom Family Treasure House, Inc. within three-years arrived ahead of the punishment to be inflicted upon the totality of human beings causing disastrous event marked by great loss, lasting distress and suffering, an extremely bad or unpleasant final outcome.

I announce formally before establishing the reality, truth, or validity for careful thought the significance of what I intend to do or bring about beginning with a recently developed master plan of three year objectives, operations, and processes.

Receiving free contributions as gifts to a public institution, formal written requests for Kingdom Family membership sending through the postal system in return approval letters with the exemption and immunity of full family membership attached, and establishing a new corporation with possession and control of properties needed to permit my work to be done.

Preparing for use willing to undertake the eradication of poverty in the human race beginning in the United States of America, I pledge to begin and carry out successfully a Kingdom Family System of Government without a level of personal or family income in which one is classified poor by providing for a sufficient income to all.

Life, Peace, and Love
Harold L. Chapman
Chief Executive Officer

Copyright (C) Kingdom Family Ministries - November 1998.