Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace



Our Father, the possession and control of property in buildings and land is recognized as authoritative by an amount of money at a person’s disposal or by the extension of credit with the expectation of future payment. A financial burden is forced to take unwarranted advantage for borrowed money, as excess above what is due.

The acquisition of property by mere delivery with intent to transfer title with an agreement between parties describing the terms of a purchase made binding by the sum to be forfeited to which a person agrees in case of non-fulfillment of stipulations. Subject to confiscation the loss of property and money because of a breach of the amount of the money guarantee as an interest-bearing certificate of private indebtedness.

My Son, within a protective plan reorganize the financing and the title to property deliver to the owner by legal deed, the interest pledged to make certain the fulfillment of an obligation created by a mortgage against property for securing a loan becomes of no legal force or effect. Without foundation or force in law, inapplicable, amounting to nothing not worth considering and worthy of contempt a void contract pronounce judicially upon payment according to stipulated terms.

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