Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


My Doctrine of Peace the main part of my present and final operation formally stated and authoritatively proclaimed by the church of God as having an identifying portion of the earth's surface distinguishable by my ownership. Enjoying public honor and recognition by all people as having undisputed ascendancy and supreme power, popularly acclaimed, highly honored, widely known and often referred to and talked of.

My guarantee of uninterrupted extension in time for all Children of Peace exhibiting constancy of attachment having always the same form continually occurring or recurring needing no renewal.

Enjoy a sound mind healthy in body designed so as to develop forces that restore and steady a permanent active and properly functioning condition, yielding to my love for humankind a concession of all functions existing as a manifestation of life concerned with or necessary to the maintenance of life. Blood and other vital fluids full of life and vigor endowed with the qualities of life, much life, full of spirit characteristic of life tending to renew and refresh living beings.

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