Kindgom Family

Doctrine of Peace


The United States of America be an outward sign of sameness in all that constitutes oneness, an alliance of states united to achieve a social, political, or economic end, working as a team joining my family that is indivisible.

Clear to the vision and understanding show and display a series of angels descending from the Godhead commanded by The King to come to the earth. All the fair existence of heaven, everlasting life from beyond the visible observable universe and not scientifically explainable, appear in bodily form the spirits of the dead.

A public demonstration of my power and purpose enter by overcoming resistance, penetrating with the eye and mind affect the human body profoundly with Life and deeply with Peace and Love. Bring forth from the mind and heart a new individual in one day and a nation born at once, in the United States of America birth from life connected by direct family relationship.

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