Kingdom Family

The Birth

Encounter intellectual power, maximum ability, success and prosperity by mentally grasping superior knowledge and skill of a peculiar purpose. Achieve mastery of existence, truth, or actual circumstances or conditions, turn the eyes facing the appearance presented to the mind for proof or consideration, arising from the true or fundamental nature.

Knowledge imparted, taught as a controlling power or principle of action, a rule prescribing a particular kind of conduct, or an instance or experience from which useful knowledge may be gained, working above the level of one's head, exceedingly delicate and refined. Peaceful and not disturbed or agitated emotionally having great power of mind to grasp ideas and relations or a particular and uncommon aptitude for some special work or activity, of unusual brilliance or excellence, lacking nothing, thoroughly and completely proficient or informed.

Still operating but no longer enforceable as law is the potential capacity to achieve a convincing reasoned judgment or opinion, a mental examination or inspection perceivable with the sight or mind, symptoms actually brought to pass or to completion. Happening or occurring naturally, the immediate present manner of expressing intellectual liveliness indicated by theories and practice. A substance used in the treatment of disease or in the relief of pain, a medical prescription, the commingling of types of matter into a specific chemical composition making known a measure of variety or multiplicity.

Providing an urgent or essential resulting allusion, arising from inherent qualities without external cause, self-generated acknowledged conviction, opinion, belief, joined or fastened together by a vague conception. Regarded as possessing indisputable determinable achievements, an established agreement or settlement by compromise, the possession and use of objects primarily physical as contrasted with something incapable of being perceived by touch, giving a different form or appearance. Passing from person to person actions conforming to or established by custom, under the power of and yielding obedience to chemical habitual conduct. Being deprived of the right, ability, or capacity to exercise the controls belonging to this generation, the power to bring forth by mental effort, the spontaneous calling up of a wholly finished reformation.

New life bringing into existence a restoration to a sound or healthy condition, exerting force or influence without anything serving as an intervening substance, a technique used in a particular field, or a formal legal document. Power causing or promoting action or change, a method of operating under the inherent capabilities of the body and mind, a mental process of explaining, settling, or disposing of any difficulty, problem or doubt.

And the care of poor health by that which is eaten, drunk, or absorbed for the maintenance of life and the growth and repair of tissues, an established method of existence as opposed to non-existence. Behavior or conduct peculiar to people, a special prominence of everyday life sound and vigorous health, the mode of living contributing to the progress, development, or growth of health.

My Father's children, my Beloved Family you are released from responsibility or accountability and from the legal punishment for having violated law. Shielded and defended against being affected by outside operations or influences as conditions of ill health or malfunctioning, anything that tends to harm, destroy, or corrupt, or any injurious invasion of body tissue by disease producing organisms, or the like. Free, clear, and excused from deficiency, disfiguring defects, or having any alteration in bodily functions or mental behavior arising from or indicating the presence of disease, liberation from all faulty functioning.

And I shall furnish what is needed, the livelihood for the accomplishment of purpose. Doing and performing delivered from anxiety or vexation, unpleasant sensations or feelings resulting from or accompanying some injury, overstrain, or obstruction of the physical power, and the constraining or binding power of law, promise, or conscience, bestowed as a gift from our Father.

Expose to view the outer covering hereditary in origin, possessed of good practical judgment, exhibiting sound sense and understanding of a reputation for high standards of conduct and a personal exalted feeling resulting from success, having no duplicate, altogether original. The focus or center of intense lively interest among fashionable people, a social condition regarded as desirable, life, liberty and happiness. Overstep or exceed limits having the capabilities of the body and mind under control of that which has been resolved or determined, a purpose, entirely dependent on one's self for support or success, training or development.

Surpassing one's own endeavor or action, giving an outward indication adverse to strife, free from mental agitation or disturbance, gentle or mild temperament, a title of honor given to members of the royal family. Assistance and relief given, anything acquired with money or transferred to another for money as articles of commerce, or anything that may be used in creating, working up, or developing, property movable or temporary, immovable or permanent, a country considered as a place of human habitation.

Retain control, as one's own, all of real worth or important, fitting or suiting given requirements, pertinent objects, develop and manage the material wealth of the family. Providing all with the natural needs of mankind, gas, water, electricity, a portion allotted, an equitable part of a utility company, according to the sequence in time passed on by heredity within the family showing ownership of shares. Also in the private sense, all property possessing a monetary value affecting the family cause to swerve from a course deviating from truth or established usage. Appoint to a distinct purpose, felt, expressed, or performed for all, possessed in common opposing principles or forces, united in promoting or maintaining a family.

Move away and be different, a part of a systematic change from such as occurs in the ordinary course of events, naturally belonging to a particular class, and conforming to a prevalent standard of conduct or manners. Personal liberty, free from doubt certain of obtaining, attaining, or retaining, being released, relieved, or absolved, a welcome deliverance of all agitated feeling aroused by awareness of actual or threatening danger, trouble, or dread, an uneasy feeling. Able to touch and grasp that which is more advantageous, desirable, or serviceable having excellence, dignity, eminent, worthy of respect, and elevated in character, quality, and style. One's proper share the external part a place of safety, shielded from danger or inclement weather without mercy, stormy, and provided funds the guaranteed payment.

Perfect in quality or nature, selected and sent designed for or assigned to a specific purpose, the assistance or benefit afforded another, an action or conduct required by one's profession or position. A man, woman and children existing as a unit comprising the principal part of any project, undertaking, or task. The communication, an encouraging look, approval, and support, causing to rise to a higher position or level, preventing or prohibiting obstructions antecedent in time. Persons regarded as a part of a larger body, sure in its workings or results.

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