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Beginning of Life

Acknowledge the arrival of one restored to a proper position, self-produced or self-generated in the apparently inevitable chain of events involved in valid reasoning and correct inference. Either reasoning from stated premises to logical conclusions, or the bringing forward of separate acts as evidence in order to prove a general statement. Using the mind actively and deliberately settling or reconciling by intervening as a peacemaker exercising care in one's work, devoted, attentive, and unremitting, for the business that remains to be done.

A servant in the service of God one through whom the spirit communicates with the material world, supported by conclusive information or evidence whereby a designation of nobility is transferred, a delivery of the legal evidence of one's right to holdings, land owned, and wealth. Having power, all that is needful, the fundamental cause, reason, or motive concerned with or devoted to things primarily physical rather than spiritual or intellectual to convey or transfer from one possessor to another.

A man, the physical part of a human being as distinguished from the mind or spirit, mentioned specifically intended to initiate a relationship of mutual choice having a specified flavor, high regard and respect. Occurring in a regular or harmonious pattern or manner, relative speed or style, the purpose held in the mind or among the feelings, completed in any human being having personal knowledge in each other's very close connection or immediate relationship.

One who has arrived into a position of authority or trust, purposed to shield or defend originality of thought, effort, and execution, the power to arouse attentiveness to the collective active engagement in projects. The body of a country impressive in appearance and manner, an assurance given by one person to another to support and do one's share in the public service.

The strength actually put forth conformable to a standard of rightness to divide and deal out in equitable parts the current medium of exchange fabricated or invented, business concerns, and money readily available deposited or pledges as a guarantee for payment. Money accumulated or reserved for this specific purpose, the total current income of the government received by all persons in return for services rendered. Avoidance of all limits of support or livelihood given, the act of calling or naming full of eager desire, excessive self-assurance connected with a hereditary constitutional ruler.

The sovereign male ruler of a kingdom existing as a single person regarded as an individual but belonging to an entire group responsible for guiding the operation, plans, projects and programs, the persons employed in the business of government. Putting into effect intention or purpose proposed or mapped out in the mind as a course of action, continued exertion or activity whether physical or mental directed to a prearranged desired plan or course of proceedings.

The stateliness and nobility of manner of one occupying a featured place the right to act or decide, supreme power or authority steadily or intently directed, permanently granted. Restricted in liability to shareholders within the jurisdiction of the United States of America, authorized to act in a subordinate capacity to guide or control the action of ordinary people existing free from personal feelings, opinions, prejudices. Having no fixing or marking of boundaries or limits, the structure or framework constituting a favorable time or condition. Coming under the jurisdiction of justice based on the concepts of right conduct with reference to a specific profession or mode of life. Having and showing kindness, polite and indulgent, full of compassion, merciful and courteous the standard of a good society, the possession, use, enjoyment, and disposal of all things.

Acting, doing, or working to coexist with and show the way, the charge of guardianship held in kinship, good physical condition, and a state of order and agreement, an esthetically pleasing relationships among the elements of a whole, the condition whereby half is the mirror image of the other half. A protective device or shield assuming control exposing to the sight the qualities of one who proclaimed the coming of another. Removed from public view to consider separately having a ready tongue to confess forthrightly and fully the desire to possess combined with the ability to purchase.

The royal line, the succession of property or title transmissible to an heir, anything received from or passed on by an earlier era. Derivation from a forefather, ancestors collectively connected by blood of ancient descent having relatively great financial worth, price, or value. Material objects as contrasted to any having no material existence, coming near the beginning of a specified period of time, transferring to the proper or appropriate station in life. A product of developing, movement forward nearer a goal, a course, or method of operations in the production of all that exists from which bringing to completion a purpose or function.

Connected persons putting forth power having an aptitude, tendency, or disposition, a personal inclination or preference toward the purpose actually accomplished or realized. That which is conceived having a means and opportunity, the right of moving ahead denoting the time, place, or result of the action expressed, arriving as the result of motion or progress from writing, from which information is obtained.

The beginning of life, becoming pregnant with an immortal being presented as a gift, a permanent body not subject or susceptible to death, or breathing one's last breath, or coming to an end moving or changing slowly by degrees leaving off discontinuing to live or be. Not being deprived of brilliant color clearly seen in the mind and perceived by the eye, newly made, obtained, and received vital or natural power, young persons collectively. A branch of life continuing or lasting forever, an unlimited time without interruption, never ceasing having unending existence valid and true for and beyond all time.

Everlasting joy and pleasure, brightly cheerful reasons to rejoice, bring joy, gratification, delight, satisfaction, and contentment, an attendant following and accompanying with generous, loving, kind, reliable, genuine, favorable power controlling one's future. Power exerted on any resisting thing determining events in advance, destiny inevitably happening as determined by this force. Good fortune and success, unusual and unexpected events, possibility and opportunity for great wealth, riches, and possessions produced and uttered with skill and aptness, an agreeably pertinent and effective manner or style. Special powers over a generation, the tracing of a word from its original form and meaning having a similar function but differing in origin and structure that bring into being another.

In no way insisting upon vigorous mental or physical effort accomplishing what is attempted or intended, exposing to view the strength or force actually put forth. The extent or scope from one side, opinion, or attitude to another in which any thing, event, or matter whatever operate, work, or revolve, causing to happen the proper or intended effect. Separating and going in different directions, the expansion designated, the ability to anticipate and make provision for future events. A look directed toward something distant becoming aware of a condition of success or prosperity in time to come. Given a rational explanation of the style, method, or system, carrying out habits naturally belonging inciting to action or movement.

Dependent on or resulting from the immediate present, the power of living without difficulty, beyond question a mark of honor, eminently well-bred and dignified. Celebrated in public report, well-known renowned, readily attracting attention, given over for care, safekeeping, or performance of knowledge taught as a rule, precept, or lesson, observing with rejoicing performing publicly as ordained.

Visual attributes of bodies, the essential principle fact that bring together fitting tightly, a combining or joining of a nation for mutual interest and purpose, the result of mixing so as to lose separate identity merged into one. Agreement or correspondence in form, manner, or use of the plans or preparations made, measures taken for a particular purpose accomplishing or bringing to completion, occupying completely, taking possession of the winning position. Reaching a destination or place making its way out or through the correct explanation or solution, having comprehension or mastery giving the meaning by artistic representation or performance, setting forth designated for a particular task.

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